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Kisfely offers termination at low rates. Calls are switched to multiple international carriers using TDM facilities in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Miami, USA and Lisbon, Portugal. By using Kisfely, you can gain VoIP access to high quality TDM routes at aggressive calling rates. You will be allocated an account number and access. Set up your equipment; configure your SIP equipment to send traffic to our switch. Technical information to test our routes and build the interconnection is provided upon contact to our wholesale department and proper documentation filled. 

Our SIP calling services is built on advanced switching systems.  The systems are wholly owned by us and are deployed at multiple secure data centers nationwide for resilience.  We are not resellers, you can be assured that your traffic is being terminated using facilities that we carefully manage. We can handle traffic from fixed addresses using SIP protocol. 

The current Kisfely network has PoP’s installed in safe places, in climate control rooms with redundancy, providing a high level of reliability for our services.  

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